Cerulean Sonar travels to sunny CA

Our first official happy customer receiving our newly release ROV Locator product

On Oct 25th, our Cereulan Sonar team traveled to Torrence, California, to attend the second annual Blue Robotics Open House. The Blue Robotics ecosystem is expanding rapidly and several vendors were in attendance showing their complementary products at the mini-trade show. The timing was perfect for us so we took the opportunity and made this Cerulean’s official public debut. 

At the show, we introduced the ROV Locator, which was very well received! Typical reaction to the ROV Locator and its $1995 price was disbelief. An underwater positioning system for $1995? Yes, that’s right. We want to help make ocean exploration more accessible, and we know not everybody has the budget of an oil company or the US Navy!

The ROV Locator is available now in limited quantities, with full production units coming in the next several weeks. The system designed is designed for low-cost, medium accuracy localization of underwater objects. The ROV Locator comprises a pinger mounted on the ROV and a USBL receiver module on the surface. Sync them up at the start of the dive and track the ROV location in real-time using a QGroundControl map display.

View of the ROVL Transmitter (Transponder) and Receiver (Transceiver)

On Saturday we got to do some deep water testing in the Pacific with help from the Blue Robotics team. Thanks guys!